Sunday, 20 April 2014

Books Vs Kindle

Those who know me well will know I am bit old fashioned when its comes to my view on books etc so I sent the publishing company Random House  a little message just to express my feelings .
In a world that is becoming so obsessed with all things technological I am still  happy to opt for an actual book and enjoy reading it with a nice cup of tea.

I would love to find out your views on my books vs Kindle debate ...

Here is the message I sent to Random House ...

From being a little girl and being told my first fairy tale to searching through textbooks for my university degree books have always been a big part of my life .

In the wake of such technological advances and the introduction of dare I say the word "The Kindle" books are seemingly becoming less and less popular .

The shutting down of libraries and the well known fact of the amount of books going to landfill is an issue that struck me recently. With so many environmental activists and the addition of book replacements made me wonder why publishing companies are not moving forward as well .

I guess what I am trying to say is why do companies like yourselves not produce new books from recycled paper or create new novels from old books ... Keeping the art of having a physical book to read alive? Not only would this reduce the amount of paper going to landfill but allow yourselves to contribute to your social corporate responsibility .
I am sure I am not the only person out there that doesn't want to see the day when electronic books take over and feel this is an effective way to keep up with todays society so we to can live happily ever after .

What do you think ??

Love Liv - A modern day book worm that would much rather enjoy the art work of a book then try and read something on a 2d screen

The Most Inspiring Bond I Have Ever Come Across x

For a long time now I have always wanted to make a difference in this world and have an impact on those around me, and have  always been inspired with powerful and influential figures.

There is one particular story that I knew I had to post , and that is the story of Dick and Rick Hoyt. Collectively known as TEAM HOYT this truly inspiring father and son compete in marathons and triathlons all around the country. 
Their story instantly captured my heart as they are no normal sporting team, Rick was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at birth and participates in these sports events via  specialised wheelchairs bicycles and a boat for the swimming part of triathlons alongside his father. 
Their sheer dedication has seen them participate in numerous events and the video below really is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen. 
Next time I complain about going out for a short run in the cold I will be thinking of Rick as motivation to know that nothing can hold you back. 

For more information about this fabulous story or to make a donation please visit their website... Team Hoyt

My 16 Year Old Self

My 16 Year Old Self ......

I recently found a box full of old birthday cards, photographs and magazine clippings all of which I hope to one day finally put into a scrapbook. Among all these treasures was a feature from Glamour magazine written by Dannii Minogue titled ' My 16 year old self ', it was a letter written as if she was talking to herself at the age of 16 and all the things that had happened since, it really inspired me to write my own mini version .

So here goes .

Dear My 16 year old self ....

First of all enjoy your last few years at school, as these really are the best days of your life and ones you will never get back ... Also trust me they are the easiest, although I am sure you will put up a good argument against this one !
 That guy you went on that date with on that cold november afternoon will still be your boyfriend 7 years later, although there will be up and downs it will end up for the best and you will become the greatest partnership out there.

As always you have to do things differently to everyone else so you will end up doing 4 years of A levels to get to where you want to be but everything happens for a reason right ?

Oh and don't let your nursing work experience get to you to much as you will end up going to University and to study Events Management soon to discover your love and passion for Public Relations; so far cry from the medical world.

During your time at university your strength and determination will be truly tested as your dad will be diagnosed with cancer, and for the first 2 years of your degree he will be being made better . You know him though, his upbeat attitude and positive approach to the world will keep you both strong and ever strengthen your unbreakable bond. So if there is one thing I can ask you is ensure you work your bum off to make him proud and use his inspiration as motivation to always know that nothing can get in your way or hold you back .

The company you applied for work experience with that turned you down will accept you onto a 6 week work experience placement in your second year of uni and subsequently offer you a job ... what did i tell you ... hard work does pay off .

Your dreams will also come true when you take part in a three month work placement in Disney World and you will meet people that will change your life forever .

Never being one to keep your thoughts to yourself ... seeing your mum finish the London Marathon with have you blurt out that you want to do it , and for being one to keep your word you will cross the finish line the following year ( although not quite as fast as your mum ) .

Whilst everyone around you is having babies and getting married you will become a fairy godmother to a very special little lady who even has the same name as you  ( destined to be fabulous :) ).

You will also go against all your old school beliefs that all your dreams and inspirations are to be wrote in a book as you will  actually start an online blog ... who would have ever thought !!

Always treasure each moment and always say the things you want to say to people whilst you get the chance as you never know when they wont be around anymore...

Oh and keep up the exercise as you will get fat haha
But until the next time thats all for now :)

Lots of Love

Me xXx

Ps Your love for sparkly things will never change xXx

Daily Dose of Glitter

Shining Like A Diamond

I received this Banksy image on a card this week and its now taken pride of place on my windowsill
as a little bit of twinkling inspiration . It represents to me that everyone has the opportunity to grasp very special things in the palm of their hand, but its down to you to capture this very opportunity.
Recently various people have said how lucky I am to have achieved the things I have and when I look back it wasn't luck at all but pure hard work and dedication . The only think I can count on my lucky stars is being blessed with such fabulous and supportive family and friends around me xXx

Keep twinkling beauties 

Lots of love Liv xXx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

My Progress :)

Hey beauties so as promised i said i would blog about my progress so here goes :)

I have done many things that have caused me to stride outside my comfort zone; from presentations in front of groups of people to selling rubber willies ( as an Ann Summers rep ) but nothing compares to how scared i am about doing this post and including the photo of my progress.
I guess the reason I am so scared is because i was clearly in denial about how much i had neglected my body and how big i had got. By wearing baggy clothes and as previously mentioned the dreaded leggings i went along everyday covering up and avoiding mirrors and cameras!

Since starting on the programme in February i could feel the weight beginning to drop off but nothing could prepare me for what i saw-  by the power of Instagram i could compare my before and after photographs and i was generally astounded at my progress.
Weightloss aside this new positive body image i have gained as given me a whole new positive outlook on everything else in my life - I feel unstoppable and really wish i had started sooner.

The ironic thing is my boyfriend is a personal trainer and i could never understand how he could be so focused and motivated when it comes to healthy eating and exercise- That is until now. Seeing the results of how this healthy lifestyle has had a positive effect on my life i can completely understand how he reminds so dedicated :)

Soo beautiful people here goes ......
2 months ago i would have never dreamed of being able to post this photo as i would have been far to ashamed but knowing i will never be back to where i was i really couldn't care to be frank ;)

This more positive body perception i now have of myself has developed into other areas of my life where i have changed lots of other aspects. I have handed my notice in from my job to do the things i have always wanted to do and i literally couldn't be happier. 

I will keep keeping you up to date with my progress and how things are developing :) 

Goodnight from a very happy me <3 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Curse of Leggings!

The word 'Diet', for some strange reason causes my brain to suddenly become very rebellious;  the second I decide I am taking action to fight my flab this rebellious devil inside me makes me want to stuff myself with anything naughty in sight ( now that your picturing a rather attractive me shoving cake in my mouth I wanted to share the very turning point  that has kicked me into fitness action). 

Growing up I was always into sport and participating in some form of physical activity at least once or twice a day - This meant I could eat what I wanted and would never put on pounds. 
The older I then became the less I was exercising and then uni began! As a  typical student my diet became anything but balanced (unless you classed alternating between Chinese and Indian takeaways and wine and Jack Daniels balanced). 

Had I suddenly woken up one morning and  felt like ten tonne sally I would have kicked my self up the butt to take action. Instead, my problem has come from the gradual weight gain over the course of 3 years that to me has gone rather unnoticed - Until now! 

My gain in weight hasn't been helped by the curse of the leggings!  Rather then the honesty of a pair of jeans leggings stretch along with you, luring you into a false sense of comfort until bam you try to get back into your fave pair of jeans - and lets face it know amount of wriggling is going to get them over that extra junk in your trunk!
Over the last year I have felt a real lack in self confidence and have shied away from clothes that pre weight gain I would have worn  without thinking once let along twice. 
After trying many crash diets I just find myself with the huge rebellious streak that forces chocolate upon me. 

After seeing hideous photographs of myself and having booked a fast approaching holiday something in my head has suddenly clicked - I guess having a deadline to work towards makes it feel all real and allows me to have a focus. I am also disregarding comments from people who when I talk about my weight respond by telling me how much I don't need to lose weight - Whilst entitled to their own opinion I know how happy I was before and what being slimmer and fitter made me feel like. 
This time however my approach is very different - There are no strict diets involved but I have taken it upon my self to introduce a very simply lifestyle change that involves significantly reducing all damaging food groups such as dairy and processed sugars etc and being more healthy. 
The changes have been astounding - Not only have I already lost 9 pounds in just over a week I am feeling on top of the world; I feel I have more energy throughout the day and sleeping like a log through the night! and the best part - no rebellious actions have snuck in :) 

Once I have seen even further progress I will be posting some before and after photos to share with you  in the hope to inspire those who are in a similar position to moi :) 

Love Liv xXx